Might be “leaving” Facebook

The only reason I’m actually on Facebook is because I’m there for our church and soms organizations. I actually don’t wanna be on Facebook, yet I am. I’ll probably get less active on Facebook and have my “timeline” here on my blog. It could work huh. I could be following people that own a wordpress blogg, althought non of my friends have one.

So probably for the moment not really leaving Facebook, but less active on my personal account, although I’ll still be sharing the church service or status of Koinonia Ministries and so on.

By the way … did you see my new picture in the about page? 🙂

Touched by an act of caring

Yesterday I was really touched by an act of caring.

Saturday, a week ago, our pastor’s wife past away. Although it was expected after 4 years of battling cancer, it was still a sad moment to loose a women like that. Although there is a lot to be said about her, it isn’t what I want to share.

Yesterday there was the funeral service and although I couldn’t be there, I did see the whole thing since I was streaming it from another location on YouTube. At certain moment I started noticing something. I am not the type of guy that gets emotional very easy, but I did force myself to hold back a tear or two.

In the front row there was our pastor and next to him his youngest son, who is about 25 years old. And this is what I saw; that young guy was holding his father the entire time during the ceremony. Patting him on the shoulder, embracing him and holding him, while the man was softly sobbing and shedding tears over the lose of his wife.

And maybe you might think this to be a nice gesture, I thought it was amazing and touching…

Afther the service people gathered for coffee and a snack while getting the chance to talk to the family. I was there working behind the scenes, but at a certain moment I saw this guy and I walked up to him and we hugged. I told him what I saw and the amount of respect he gained on my side. He told me that is was normal to comfort his dad. -My goodness- I said: “Your dad is not the only one who lost someone. You’ve lost your mom.”

He had set aside his own pain, his grief and his tears in order to comfort his dad in his grieving. That touched me to the core. An example for many, you and old.

Not agreeing ≠ hating

There is this idea, this assumption, from certain groups that if you do not like their idea that you must be a hater. And I know you know, because if you are reading this and you are getting irritated already, well, than you are one of them.

But I don’t care. I don’t agree with lot’s of things and I have that right as a human. No, I do not agree with Black Power. Am I a racist? LOL … NOT – AT – ALL. A lot of my friends are from other countries and have other colors and speak other languages and I love them with all my heart. I – LOVE – THEM. And don’t you ever forget that. But I do not support, nor agree with an organization that is pushing the black supremacy. Aren’t we all equal?

If you are white, black, yellow, purple or any other color, I will be there for you if you need help. I’ll give you a hug and comfort you if that is what you need. That is what I do and that is what I am. Can’t help but to love you guys. (some gender fluid people freaking out here … LOL )

Am I a hater? No, I just do not agree with the way they handle things.

Another group? Or another vision I don’t support? Of course there are many more. I do not have to agree with anything on this planet and I still can love you.

Example, you are a couple of an outward visual same kinda gender … (my goodness) … so, you are of the same sex … and you want to get married and you would ask me to bless your marriage (if I would be a pastor) … would I do it?

No, I wouldn’t, of course not. Why? Well, I am not agreeing with that covenant, that union. Will I love you? Yes. Will I bless you? No, because if I would, I wouldn’t be true to myself and what I stand for.

What would you even ask me? If you really want someone to support you, then look for someone that agrees with you, but do not persecute people for not agreeing with the way you think the world should be.

I don’t mind what anyone does with his or hers life. It is your human right (for the moment) to do as you like. But don’t force your ideals unto others. They don’t hate you, they just don’t agree.

Do you have the right to share your message? Hey, be my guest, share whatever you want, but do not force it down the throat of others and blaming to be haters or discriminators if they don’t agree with you. Don’t.

Ever been hurt by church? Ministry? Other?

Ever been disappointed or hurt by some kind of leader figure or some kind of authority figure? It could be a parent or a pastor, maybe a teacher or other. But you  know what?

Disappointment comes from expectations. Once you expect something and people don’t live up to it, you will be disappointed.

There is this apologist who has passed away and it seemed that he had lived a double life. I can tell you that this had an impact on the Christian community globally. Even the ministry that was named after him stopped, to figure out what to do next.

Let me tell you something. This is like very important to me. I don’t really like it when people look up to me. It feels good, but I don’t like it, and that is because nobody has to look up to me. I want people to look up to the Father and to His Son, Jesus The Anointed one. They will never disappoint. The reason is because God lives up to His Word and His Word is very clear in all aspects.

When Jesus was on earth He was being attacked constantly by priests and scribes and Pharisees, because they didn’t like Him. Still Jesus would go to the synagogue. Did He need to, as being the Son of the Almighty God? He was attached to the source. But He went, and not only to speak or teach. It was part of what He did in His life.

But at a certain point He said this about all these priests and pharisees and scribes. “Listen to them, but don’t live the way they do”. They were quoting the scriptures and telling people to live by it, but they didn’t do it themselves. Because of their example they would lead people astray. But Jesus said not to live by their example but still listen to the scriptures they would teach.

Listen; sometimes you will go to some place where the truth might be spoken, but the lives are not accordingly. You might even get frustrated by that or disappointed. Let me tell you this; don’t. Don’t be disappointed, because we are not to live by the example of men, but the example of our Savior and Lord, Jesus. Even Jesus set the bar to being like the Father.

Don’t build your hopes, your lives or anything like that on men, but build your lives on the Living Word of the Almighty God and Father and look at Him as an example for your life. And from that position you can have relationships with your brothers and sisters in Love, not judging, but encouraging each other to do the right thing.

Pastor arrested for just preaching?

Well, that is what is said in the video. My goodness.

A friend of mine sent me this video of a pastor being arrested just for preaching, but is that the whole story?

Artur Pawlowski, a pastor in Alberta Canada is arrested for … well, they say preaching, but that isn’t true, is it.

Earlier I saw a video of him casting out the police from his church when they came in. He started to call them nazis and things. It begs the question why they would come to his church in the first place.

That guy/”pastor” was having church service during the covid regulations. He wasn’t allowed to have church meetings, but yet he did, which I myself do not understand.

And then they are trying to blame the police for his arrest? I would have handed him over myself if possible. He wasn’t a testimony at all.

God teaches us to

  1. Love your enemy
  2. Pray for those who persicute you
  3. To respect your governement (not just a christian government, but any)
  4. To respect authority
  5. To let your gentleness be known to all
  6. To act different then the people in the world, because as a child of God we know Jesus

And we can keep on going, but already this is basics. I didn’t see any of that in his expressions at all. He should be an example for his flock and for his neigbours and the rest of the world.

Know this: We are not being persecuted because we can’t have church meetings. Wether you agree or not with the covid virus, the government has to take decisions in order to secure safety for all. They didn’t just close the churches, but they closed restaurants, hairdressers and many other facilities. It is to stop all kind of gatherings in order to keep the virus contained and people save from catching the virus.

We are allowed to worship, it is nothing like China or N. Korea or any other persictued country. We are still able to use all kinds of video streaming or other means to share the message and Sunday services. Give the government some time. Why all the rebelling?

I do not, NOT agree at all with what this pastor is doing at all. NOT AT ALL.

Yes keep praying for the church, keep praying for your government.